FINN Bleu StoneWash-Tee. Unisex


FINN Bleu StoneWash-Tee. Unisex


100% Organic Cotton T with a discharge Mountain Life print.

Discharge Print

Discharge printing evaporates the dye from the garment & replaces it with pigment from the ink, leaving a very soft print with almost no feel. The print wont crack over time, as the garment is dyed the ink colour. . Our discharge inks are Soil Association Approved, & clean up with water, so are an eco friendly option.

Ink Rating:
Vibrancy - 3/5
Colour Accuracy - 3/5
Softness - 5/5
Washability - 4/5

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Verified Ethical Manufacture  

100% of the EarthPositive® production undergoes annual audits to comply with the FWF Code of Labour Practices in accordance with the International Labour Organisation’s conventions.

90% Reduced Carbon Footprint  

EarthPositive® is made in manufacturing facilities powered by green renewable energy, from low-impact raw materials. The carbon footprint of EarthPositive® products has been reduced by some 90% and the calculations certified under the PAS2050 standard.